Farzia Fallah 

I was born on March 12th,1980, in Tehran. I have always enjoyed learning, and I continue to do so. Composing makes me happy, and I like very much talking about music with other people and making music together with them.

I have worked with many wonderful musicians with great pleasure, great ease, and super productivity; and also with many great ensembles such as Ensemble Aventure, Azione Improvvisa, Garage, Musikfabrik, New Babylon, oh-Ton, S201, Zafraan as well as Hypercube Quartet, Sonar Quartet and Roche/Zöllner Duo. 

And, of course, with Kollektiv3:6Koeln: I belong to it myself. Here are always new joy, new energy, and new challenges.

Would you like to know more? If so, here is a Resume.